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filthwizard1985's Journal

13 April 1985
I fund an alternative lifestyle with a boring job. I have the love of a beautiful woman. I make bad films and write bad scripts/stories.

I'm like a beautiful flower floating in the loo.

I live in a Goth House, though not THE Goth House.
80s music, alan moore, alternative fashion, atheism, bacon, bad art, bad jokes, bad movies, bad sci-fi, batman, big hair, bill hicks, bisexuality, black, burlesque, camden, canterbury, carrie anne moss, cartoons, cheap wine, cinema, classical music, clive barker, comedy, comicbooks, conversation, cybergoth, cyberpunk, danny elfman, dirty jobs, dirty limericks, doom, doug bradley, dreams, duke nukem, e.a. poe, elvira, eyeliner, female metal, female vocals, feminine men, films, food, frank black, freaks, friends, futurama, george carlin, gloom, goth, gothic, h.p. lovecraft, half-life, heavy metal, hellboy, hellraiser, homosexuals, horror, indian food, industrial, itchy & scratchy, jackie chan, jedi knight, jeremy irons, john wyndham, lance henriksen, latex, leather, lestat, live gigs, lycanthropes, men, millennium, mountain biking, movies, music, mythology, neil gaiman, newquay, nightmares, nofx, occult, outcasts, paganism, paranormal, pictures, piercings, pirates, poetry, preacher, psychobilly, punk, pvc, reading, reggae, road trips, robert rankin, rock, rorschach, rpgs, rubber, sarcasm, scars, schadenfreude, science fiction, serial killers, sex, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, sick humor, sideshow bob, silver, singing, siouxsie, siouxsie & the banshees, ska, spicy food, spikes, star wars, stephen king, steve martin, stupid shit, tacky, tank girl, tarantino, terry pratchett, the missing, the missing:, the simpsons, thrillers, tool, toys, transvestites, vampire chronicles, vampires, villains, vodka, watching & making films, weird, women, writing, zombies