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Top Ten Famous Women with Shaved Heads

I'm bored again... So here's a new top ten with pictures!

Top Ten Famous Women (Who Look Good) with Shaved Heads

This list was inspired by a friend who may or may not be shaving her head.

10. Pink

Technically not shaved, but rarely ever longer than a few inches, Pink is the first of many singers/songwriters on this list.

9. Sinead O’Connor

Definitely made this look famous, still looking this way today and the first woman I remember seeing with a shaved head.

8. Agatha the Precog from Minority Report (Samantha Morton)

One of many fictional women on this list, Agatha has a shaved head for purely practical reasons but she adds to the futuristic mise-en-scene in this adaptation of a Phillip K Dick story.

7. Evey from V for Vendetta (Natalie Portman)

Natalie Portman seems to be everywhere these days as she’s obviously been trying to make up for lost time after those shitty sci-fi prequels (or working very hard before taking a break to give birth). This look really suits her for some reason.

6. Cinder Block from Tilt

Cinder’s another singer, who a lot of people won’t know, from a great 90s punk band. Shame I couldn’t find a decent photo of her so you’ll have to make do with this stylised album art.

5. Annie Lennox

Yet another singer for this list, Annie was probably the second woman I ever saw with a shaved head and she defines the strong 80s woman to me. She still goes for the shaved/very short hair these days and looks good for it.

4. Skin from Skunk Anansie

This is the last singer on this list, but definitely one of the strongest. Skin would look weird with hair, it just wouldn’t work!

3. Lieutenant Ellen Ripley from Alien 3 (Sigourney Weaver)

Another sci-fi character, Ripley makes it this far up the list for being totally badass. Being the lone survivor of countless alien attacks when faced with losing a little hair she just shrugs it off and gets on with her day. Much respect for any actress willing to do this look and much more to Weaver for looking good with it.

2. Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan from Farscape (Virginia Hey)

Yes another geeky reference to a sci-fi character. An alien priest of a Buddhist nature with a dark past who spent a lot of time meditating naked. Technically Zhaan is a plant based lifeform and doesn’t have hair and therefore this isn’t a shaved head but it is a great look. The makeup effects of ‘Farscape’ were brilliant with alien skin tones achieved through extensive well painted layers. Once again much respect to Virginia Hey for shaving her head for the role. To quote Zapp Brannigan – “We have failed to uphold Brannigan's Law. However I did make it with a hot alien babe. And in the end, is that not what man has dreamt of since first he looked up at the stars?”

1. Tank Girl

As portrayed by Hewlett and Martin in the books, but also in the film by Lori Petty (who still sports the shaved look today). The often mohawked sometimes shaved poster girl for punk rock geeks. One of my most favourite characters ever. It’s hard to do this maniac justice so to quote the comic book- “From the depths of the outback comes a wildly anarchic, in-your-face heroine for a new age of madness...Tank Girl! Join everybody's favourite beer-swilling, chain-smoking, kangaroo-worrying lunatic as she blasts her way through a dazzling array of bizarre adventures, including bounty hunting, delivering colostomy bags to the Australian president and appearing on Dame Edna…”


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